S-fold Pleated Curtains And Their Benefits

S-Fold curtains are named for their particular style of folding, which causes pleats to fall in continuous curves. Many people choose S-Fold curtains as they add a modern vibe, pairing well with your statement lights or art pieces. If your home is more traditional, don’t worry, the simple folding pattern of these curtains can create the statement you’ve been looking for.

With S-Fold curtains, you’ll be making a fantastic architectural and design option. As there’s no backing to these curtains, they’ll look the same outside your home as they do on the inside, creating uniformity and simplicity.

S-fold Curtain Installation And Operation

When you install S-Fold curtains in your home, you can be confident that the pleats will always be correctly spaced and positioned thanks to their specially-built track.

As the curtain head is suspended beneath the track, it won’t be able to sag or tip. The low profile of the track means it will easily blend into your interior, literally fading into the background while also allowing for the curtains to be hung on the wall or ceiling. A ceiling-mounted track is a great option if you’re wanting to create the illusion of more space. It’s also a fantastic addition to spaces where you’d like complete darkness, such as home media rooms.

Fabric choice is crucial when you’re installing curtains. Investing in a high-quality fabric will help improve your home décor and ensure durability without the need for replacement. You’ll be pleased to know that for double-track S-Folds, soft, light and sheer fabrics are fantastic options. These fabrics fold well and look beautiful against heavier wave fold curtains. Most fabrics used for these curtains will have a weighted hem.

Using double-track S-Fold curtains also gives the option to hang sheer curtains, and these are guaranteed to add a show-stopping, delicate quality to your room.