Trip Planning Tips

Here are just a few more ideas and pointers to think about as you prepare for an international trip:

Don’t view a trip around the world as a method to visit as many locations as you can in a limited amount of time.

Does spending a day in one nation, a bus ride to another to spend a second day there, followed by a train ride to a third country to spend a third day there seem like a fun time to you?
It’s crucial that you truly enjoy yourself when visiting each nation. It is almost always the latter for me.

Is it more important for you to say you have visited three countries just because that route takes you there, or is it more vital that you truly enjoy your time in each one? It is almost always the latter for me.

I had a lengthy list of sites I wanted to visit, as I mentioned at the beginning, but I had to eliminate a lot of them. Even in the places I went to, I didn’t get to travel everywhere I wanted to. That merely gives me an excuse to visit nations I really liked again. Rome2Rio

Do your best to avoid creating a strict schedule for yourself that you must adhere to religiously from start to finish. By doing this, you eliminate the trip’s ability to be flexible if something goes wrong.

For instance, a significant storm cut off access to the west coast of the South Island during my second week in New Zealand (and second week overall of my trip). I rapidly changed the days I would be visiting different cities on my itinerary.