Low-Stress Jobs That Pay Well

You have likely heard the expression, “Do what you love, and you will never work one day in your life”? For many people, this’s a reality. Obviously, given a choice, most of us would want to work at jobs that are actually beneficial for the souls of ours, as well as the bank accounts of ours.

That said, even a beloved job can be rough if it eats all your energy and time to the point of burnout. For these reasons, it is useful to think about the family member’s stress levels of different occupations when you are contemplating a change to a new career path.

When you seek to get rid of several of the stress in your life, consider one of these low-stress jobs that pay well.

Thoroughly research the challenges of some careers in light of the unique character and lifestyle before finalizing any decision about your career path. What is most important is actually to find a job that is the very best match for your personal and professional circumstances – and that is a job you like working at.

1. Actuary
Do you like statistics and math and want to work a relatively low-stress, 9-to-5 job? You may be happy as an actuary. Your responsibilities involve looking at numbers, drawing conclusions, finding correlations, and presenting your findings. Actuaries often work for insurance companies, analyzing risk, as well as helping their employers minimize costs. They also work for several investment firms, including financial advisors and banks. The career is actually expected to grow eighteen % by 2029, much faster compared to average.

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2. Audiologist
If you would like to help folks and you do not mind investing in several years of postgraduate education, an audiologist might be the ideal job for you. Audiologists diagnose hearing loss along with other inner ear issues. It is a good-paying job, making a median salary of more than $77,000 per year.

3. Occupational Therapist
Occupational therapists treat ill, injured, or perhaps disabled clients and help them cope with their limitations as they go about everyday living. They help patients to solve practical problems associated with their psychological and physical challenges.

Demand for occupational therapists is actually bolstered by the growing older part of the population and their challenges due to diminishing capacities. Based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in the field will expand by sixteen % through 2029.

4. Operations Research Analyst
Operations research analysts gather and analyze data about organizational processes to help you solve problems and assess trends. They create mathematical models and simulations to help managers to make decisions about organizational strategy. Jobs are expected to grow much faster than the average rate of twenty-five % through 2029 as organizations increasingly base decisions on data analysis.

5. Software Developer
Software developers create computer applications and systems to facilitate info processing for users of technology. They combine creativity with rational thinking to devise appealing and efficient software solutions. Trends towards the proliferation of apps and the automation of business and consumer functions underpin rapid growth of twenty-two % through 2029 for software developers.

6. Genetic Counselor
Genetic counselors assess the genetic make-up of clients and advise them about the likelihood of disease development or perhaps congenital disabilities for themselves or perhaps their offspring. Advances in methods and technology for predicting genetic outcomes have spurred growth in the field, with expectations that the field will expand by twenty-one % through 2029.

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