How to Plan a Wedding on a Budget

1. Skip the alcohol

Serving alcohol at your wedding, especially at an open bar, can easily run up the total cost by quite a bit. Save hundreds, simply only allowing juices and drinks softly.

2. Buy wholesale flowers

Custom floral arrangements made by a florist can cost you a pretty penny. Buy flowers in bulk from a wholesaler and keep the cash in your pocket.

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3. Make your own dessert bar

Wedding cakes are able cost up to thousands of dollars. In case you are a dessert fiend, consider baking your own sweets for the big day.

4. Pass on the Save the Dates

With social media, it is easier to keep track of other people’s timelines. Think about making a digital announcement via email or perhaps a Facebook group and put the money you save towards paper invitations.

5. Consider a smaller venue

Rather than a catering hall, save money by looking into venues like community centers, churches, and local parks!

6. Create a wedding site

Have a link to your on the invitation and have guests RSVP to save on return postage.

7. Skip the tent

Having an outdoor wedding, a tent may seem important, but it is probably the most expensive thing you can rent!

8. Make the foods yourself

When you consider yourself a regular MasterChef in the kitchen, save thousands by passing on the caterer and prepare the food yourself.

9. Skip the DJ

Think about signing up for a music subscription service like Spotify Premium, so you can make your very own playlist to play on the big day.

10. Buy good (but low cost!) wine

Trader Joe’s is renowned for its Charles Shaw wine that only sells for a few bucks a bottle.

11. Have a friend take pictures

If you’re a co-worker or perhaps a friend with a creative eye, considering hiring them to take the wedding photos of yours.

12. Choose a smaller wedding

The logic is simple. The greater number of guests you’ve, the more you are likely to have to pay. Narrow down your guest list to only include family that is essential and friends. Plan it via Zoom in case you do not wish to postpone the big event!

13. Choose hand-me-down wedding bands

Before you decide to go shopping with your fiance for wedding bands, consider looking into any family members ready to pass down their jewelry.

14. Pay less for wedding shoes

It appears that shoes always cost a lot more in bridal stores. Think about having a basic pair of white heels and rhinestones (completely optional) and decorate them yourself.

15. Go for simple suits rather than tuxes

I just love wedding dresses; male tuxes can be a costly expense for something that will be used once. Consider nice dress pants or perhaps matching suits for your guys to sport on the day of the dreams of yours.

16. Ditch the wedding planner

A wedding planner may have the eye for it all, but their services can run up the bill. Spring for one day of coordinator instead!

17. Create your own decorations

When you consider yourself a DIY queen, consider creating your own decorations for your wedding for the ultimate personal touch.

18. Use found natural accents for decor

Cut tree stumps, pinecones, and other found natural objects make gorgeous rustic wedding decor options that will not cost a cent.

19. Choose a store-bought cake

When the cost of a wedding cake has left you in sticker shock, considering going down to your local supermarket and ordering a cake there.

20. Have bridesmaids wear their own dresses

Having your females go through their closet to pick out dresses currently haven’t only cut on costs but guarantees that all the bridesmaids of yours will be comfortable. Sticking with a certain hue is going to give you a cohesive look!

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