How to Properly Sanitize & Disinfect Your Phone with 8 Easy Steps

Keeping your phone clean and disinfected is crucial as you constantly touch your phone with hands.

While disinfecting and cleaning every a part of your house, you would possibly ditch the one that you love the phone, which may carry germ and bacteria.

As it is a deviceyou would like to take care of while you disinfect your phone. you can’t just use traditional disinfectants in your phone.

The reason is, it can cause huge damage to your phone display.

You might not see any difference within the first place, but continuous usage will show the matter on your phone.

If you’re getting to clean your phone with lotion, don’t, it’s not recommended to wash your phone with the only lotion.

However, I will be able to show you a couple of effective methods and tips associated with disinfecting your phone.

1. don’t use direct lotion on the display
As I said earlier, you ought to not use lotion directly on the screen of your phone. it’ll damage the display after continuous usage.

There is a hydrophobic coating in your phone display, which protects the display from outer substances.

Because of this, water or oil cannot damage the screen albeit your phone comes in touch with them.

When you use lotion directly, it’ll affect and damage the hydrophobic coating of your phone.

That is why it’s not recommended to use lotion directly.

2. Use disinfectant wipes to wash and disinfect your phone
One of the foremost effective and safest solutions is to use disinfectant wipes to wash the phone. you ought to confirm that the wipes contain 70% isopropanol.
70% of isopropanol works perfectly in terms of killing germs, viruses, and bacteria.

You will find disinfectant wipes made from 70% isopropanol in several superstores.

After going into a public gathering or touching your phone with unwashed hands, simply wipe your phone with these wipes.

3. Clorox wipes are often effective for iPhone users
Apple has officially said that you simply can use Clorox wipes to disinfect your phone.

A lot of individuals were worried about applying any disinfectants in their phone,s because it can cause permanent damage unknowingly.

But Apple has responded and said it’s completely fine to use Clorox wipes to disinfectant your phone.

Another thing that Apple acknowledged is that you simply should close up your phone before using the wipes.

Also, confirm that the openings of the phone don’t get any moisture in it. Don’t rush while you clean the phone.

Turn off the phone, take a while, and gently clean with the Clorox wipes. you’ll also use Clorox wipes to disinfectant your other Apple gadgets.

4. Use a soft lint-free cloth to wipe your phone
When you are cleaning your phone with a disinfectant, it’s crucial to take care.

I will recommend you to require a soft lint-free piece of fabric and use it for the wiping.

Take the 70% isopropanol and pour a little amount within the piece of fabricyou’ll also use other nonabrasive disinfectants.

Make sure your phone is unplugged from the charger and powered down. Use a couple of wipes and clean your phone accordingly.

Also, recently AT&T has suggested to not use paper towels, which may also cause damage to the display of your phone.

5. Lysol wipes work to disinfectant phones also
You can also use Lysol wipes to disinfectant your phone. As I said earlier, always power off your phone before using any quite disinfectant.

You can use a soft linen cloth or a bit of microfiber cloth. At first, wipe your screen with a bit of microfiber cloth then use the Lysol wipes.

Get a Lysol wipe and wipe it on the screen. confirm you avoid areas like the charging port. After cleaning, let your phone to air dry for 3-4 minutes.

Also, confirm to not over saturate your phone with moisture while you go.

6. Don’t forget to wash your phone case also
If you employ a phone case, it’s also important to wash and disinfect the phone case. once you disinfect your phone, open the duvet and clean it thoroughly.

Take another microfiber cloth and spray a touch amount of disinfectant within the cloth. Then clean the phone case and place it back.

7. Use devices like PhoneSoap to disinfectant your phone with UV light
You should know that UV light damages germ and bacteria.

Fortunately, there are devices like PhoneSoap available which will allow you to disinfectant your phone without even touching.

You will get to place your phone within the PhoneSoap for around 10 minutes. it’s actually a charger which charges and, at an equivalent time, sanitizes your phone.

The product says that it’ll kill 99.99% germ and bacteria from your phone. Also, it’ll fit most sizes of phones.

8. Keep your phone clean with a microfiber cloth on a day today
It is an honest idea to form a habit of wiping your phone with a microfiber cloth on a day today.

Also, you’ll disinfect your phone a day if you’re affected by a chilly.

It is recommended to use the wipes or the other method to disinfect your phone during the colder months.

Because that’s the time, you’ll easily get infected.

Use a microfiber cloth, which can prevent your phone from being free from dirt and dirt altogether.

On the opposite hand, if you’re employing a product like PhoneSoap, you’ll not get to even worry about cleaning your phone. The charger will do all the work.

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