How to Design the Home Office

Add a comfortable Sofa
Kari Bancroft, a stay-at-home mom in South Jordan, UT, decided to think beyond hard, uncomfortable chairs in her headquarters. Instead, she outfitted the space with an opulent emerald green sofa that pairs well together with her beloved animal prints and global-inspired pottery. The sofa works for her lifestyle too: She is mom to eight kids, ages 4 to twenty, and uses her office space to read and to arrange her many family photos. “My overall headquarters decorating approach is to showcase an eclectic mix of the items I really like and confirm it functions as a flexible space,” she says.

Hang a Desk on the Wall
Rachel Mae Smith, whose blog is that the Crafted Life, created her low-profile my City office with a wall-mounted desk for 2 supported by a track shelving system. Pops of color, including brackets spray-painted in bright hues and dyed fabric swatches, pull the fun look together.

Consider High Shelves
Graphic designer and new mom Ashley Smith transformed a cedar-lined closet with white paint and high shelving for books and ornamental storage. Ashley elevated the design with DIY display boards made up of wood scraps. “I added some stain, wire, and clips, and that they became the right spot to hold anything important, like bills, invites, and children’s artwork,” she says. Plus, she made an easy built-in desk for her large desktop. “We used inexpensive 1″ x 2″ common boards as supports underneath, then added a pleasant maple 3/4″ plywood top and 1″ x 3″ trim board to the front,” she says of the desk design in her Pittsburg, KS, home.

Take Advantage of a classy Nook
Kaitlyn Fast of Birmingham, AL, let an outsized mirror set the inspiration for her minimalist office nook. “It reflects all the natural light we’ve during this room and makes it easy to modify out the decor and flowers as each new season arrives,” she says.

Put Your Office by the steps
With the assistance of her husband, Russel, Lindi Vanderschaaf turned an empty wall next to the steps on the primary floor of their Grande Prairie, Canada, home into a functional workspace. Russel made the desktop and shelves from stained plywood, which balances the design’s black-and-white color scheme. “The white of the desk drawers and walls really helps define the space,” Lindi says. “It almost seems like its own room now.”

Paint a Brick Wall
Megan Leonard of the life-style brand Our City Nest lives in Baltimore, a city known for row homes with exposed brick walls. So it only made sense to showcase this detail in her office space. “It provides a moment texture throughout my home that I really like to pair with wood accents,” she says.

Make a Desk Out of Two Basic Dressers
After Sara Johnston’s 5-year-old son began feeling overlooked together with her and her husband performing from their Ontario, Canada, home, they decided to form an office for him right within the front room. “We painted two old IKEA dressers with leftover white paint and asked an area lumber provider for the highest, which just happened to be shelving hamper to the present specific size,” she says.

Turn Your Closet into an Office
Party stylist Kelsey Klos, who lives in Petaluma, CA, together with her husband and three daughters under 5, transformed a closet into an easy but vibrant workstation. She used clear refrigerator organization bins to store supplies, cake stands to stack work projects, and playful accessories, sort of a rainbow garland, to point out off her style.

Set Up a Workspace in Your Kitchen
Heather Keeling and her family of 5 decided to show a corner of the kitchen in their Portland, OR, home into a bright and cozy work area. They opted for contemporary touches to realize contrast. “The baby-blue penny tile is that the perfect bridge between the 1960s and therefore the modern-day,” Heather says. Custom shelving, inspired by a mid-century modern credenza, completes the design.

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