Tips for Selecting the Best Tree Surgeon

When making a scheduled appointment with an ARB Approved Contractor, clients should advise the contractor whether advice on trees is actually required or if a specification for works already exists against which the contractor’s quotation is actually sought.

Two Clients are actually encouraged to get even more than a single estimate or perhaps quotation for comparison. Still, they should remember that cost is just one factor in selecting a service provider.

Three Estimates or perhaps quotations will usually be provided free of charge when quoting against a specification. Nonetheless, a fee might be charged whether advisory work is actually involved. Clients are actually encouraged to be crystal clear with the contractor from the outset.

Four When asking for an estimate or perhaps a quotation, indicate when you’d like the work undertaken. The contractor is going to advise if this’s possible or practical.

Five Respond to quotations or estimates quickly – try to advise the contractor within 7 10 days whether or perhaps not you want them to undertake the work and make clear the terms of acceptance.

Six Ensure issues of tree protection legislation including TPO’s/Conservation Area or perhaps other restrictions, i.e., covenants/third party trees, are actually consented/resolved before commissioning works.

The directory lists Arboricultural Association ARB Approved Contractors throughout the UK, which may be searched directly by name or simply by distance and postcode. Nevertheless, remember that some contractors will operate throughout the UK and even abroad.

In the unlikely event that clients are dissatisfied with services from an ARB Approved Contractor, a complaints procedure may be followed.

Whist, the Arboricultural Association, makes every attempt to ascertain ARB Approved Contractors’ competence. It can’t accept liability in respect of any persons or perhaps companies named in the directory. The Arboricultural Association can’t be held to blame for the guidance or perhaps actions of any persons or businesses listed in our’ directories.

Selecting a tree surgeon
a tree surgeon (sometimes selecting 
an arboriculturalist or perhaps an arborist) is usually a tough task and, if not done correctly, could result in injury, property damage, and irrevocable damage to the trees of yours.
The council cannot recommend a tree surgeon
but will certainly offer little suggestions about how you can choose a competent arborist/tree surgeon.
Why choose a professional tree surgeon?
Tree work is a deadly and very skilled operation. Selecting a tree surgeon is something
that should be done with great care. Selecting the
the wrong arborist could lead to:
•injury to people;
•damage to property;
•irrevocable damage to the trees of yours, which have taken a long time to develop.
Tree work operations (arboriculture) require a substantial
technical competence degree, supported by experience and training. For these reasons, tree work
should be undertaken by properly trained, competent arborists who hold adequate insurance.

How can you tell whether they’re the readeall’?
Anyone can call themselves a tree surgeon and advertise themselves as such. Unfortunately, an advert on its own is no guarantee of the quality of
work that the “tree surgeon” might do, or perhaps that it’ll be carried out safely.
Competent tree surgeons are going to have certificates (National Proficiency
Tests Council (NPTC)) which shows they’ve been trained and assessed. They’ll usually have other academic qualifications in
arboriculture and will use safety equipment to protect you, the property of yours, and themselves. Reputable tree care companies will be delighted to
show you copies of the insurance of theirs (Employers’ and Public Liability),
professional memberships, and qualifications. They will work to nationally recognized standards (e.g., BS 3998 (2010)). Asking for (and getting) a
written quotation for the work to be carried out is also a great idea.

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