Origin of the Hookah and Features of it

This guide will tell you everything you would like to require into consideration when buying a hookah. For a novice hookah smoker, it’s going to be unclear the way to choose the proper hookah.

There are many factors to require into consideration including the origin of the hookah, materials, height, multiple hose options, and price. This guide also will tell you what to seem for when you’re inspecting a hookah face to face. All of this information is combined to assist you to create the foremost informed decision once you make your purchase.

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Origin of the Hookah
Modern hookahs are typically manufactured in China by companies based within us et al. . Traditional hookahs come from Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, and other countries within the Middle East and along the Mediterranean.

Modern hookahs are made on assembly lines with modern manufacturing techniques while most traditional hookahs are made by hand. Distinguishing a contemporary hookah from a standard hookah is fairly easy to try to do. The distinguishable factors include construction, styling, and performance.

In general, modern hookahs are constructed with lighter weight material and no visible weld lines. they’re commonly composed of threaded components that are screwed together, which may even be easily unscrewed to suit into carrying cases. a number of the upper-end modern hookahs have better finish work than traditional hookahs because they mix chromium into the ultimate plating stage. one among the foremost reputable modern hookah brands is Mya Saray, which can be one of the simplest brands to start out with when buying a contemporary hookah.

Traditional hookahs are generally larger and constructed with heavier metals. They also tend to use combinations of metals, like chrome steel with copper and brass. Modern hookahs typically use mostly chrome steel and should mix in other elements for the finish. the simplest traditional hookahs use brass around critical points, like the hose port and check valve. the main advantages of using brass in these points come from the brazing process during which the brass combines with the steel.

The brazing process adds tons of strength to those weld points. The weld points are usually highly visible on traditional hookahs and a few hookah buyers are surprised or disappointed to ascertain a replacement hookah that appears so unfinished. However, other hookah buyers love this aspect of traditional hookahs; they desire their own singular hand-made antiquity. Khalil Mamoon and Shika Hookah make traditional style hookahs of the simplest quality and materials.

Some modern hookahs have begun with improved designs. one among the innovations is an improved check valve system on multiple hose models. These check release valves are designed with ball bearings inside them. The result’s a multiple hose hookah that will be smoked without the necessity to plug every hose that’s not in use, a cumbersome issue with traditional hookahs, and a few modern hookahs still today. Many modern hookahs are screwed on at the vase.

This makes it easy to pop your stem off to refill the vase with water and back on with an air-tight seal. the sole drawback is that the metal threaded fittings can come off easily if they were applied to the glass with cheap glue. However, this is often not usually a drag with higher end modern hookahs.


The head or bowl on modern hookahs is usually made with ceramic instead of the clay that’s used for traditional hookah bowls. The difference is that ceramic doesn’t conduct heat also, leading to a lower quality smoking experience. Even distribution of warmth means less burning of tobacco and fewer rearranging of coals. It also lengthens the duration of the smoking session, since the flavor doesn’t get diminished by harsh smoke.

Modern hookahs encompass a variety of products including animal hookahs, hookahs that have ceramic sculptures on them, inlaid cloisonne designs, and plain chrome steel models. regardless of the style could be, modern hookahs tend to possess more current or futuristic designs on the stem and vase.

As the name implies, traditional hookahs appear more traditional. they need lines that suggest many years of history. Traditional hookahs do differ a touch from region to region and it’s difficult to form all-inclusive remarks about their makeup. regardless of the region could also be, there’ll presumably be patterns or designs unique to the history of that region incorporated into the planning of the hookah.

Traditional hookah manufacturers are honing their designs for several generations. In terms of performance, traditional hookahs tend to smoke better than modern hookahs.

There are many exceptions, but traditional hookahs typically use one central tube that runs the complete length of the stem. The hose and purge valve line are typically one tube also. The tubing utilized in traditional hookahs tends to be wider gauge than what’s used on modern hookahs. The results of this manufacturing mean less restriction and easier smoke draw.

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