I have a passion for the art of photography. I’m a natural light photographer, and that I like to create from my surroundings. I’m so excited to share a touching piece of my art with you, what helps me and what I really like to use in my photography. Here are my best tips for a way to settle on your next camera. 

How to Choose Your Next Camera – Tips from a professional

As a mom of two active children, several years ago I wanted to upgrade my camera to something a touch more sophisticated. I wanted to capture the goofy faces, which one kick therein soccer game that was amazing. I wasn’t getting those shots that I actually wanted with my little point & shoot camera!

Looking at cameras is often a touch overwhelming and if you’re almost sure what you’re trying to find you’ll just hand overI might like to tell you a couple of great places to start out your search. I’m getting to share a camera that I highly recommended. DSLR cameras are often pricey, but you don’t need the foremost expensive one you’ll find to urge great images. Just confine mind that your camera is a tremendous investment and you’ll love the standard of your images!

Where should I buy my camera?

The first is Target. they need top brands and great prices. The second is Amazon. The third store that I might recommend is Costco. What I really like about Costco is that they typically offer great bundles with their DSLR packages. Most of them accompany an additional lens and a camera bag and a couple of other fun gadgets that make getting your new camera a touch more fun!

What brand should I get?

I have personally shot with two different brands – Canon and Nikon. Canon is a great company and a wonderful camera. My first DSLR camera was a Canon that we bought in 2004 and it still does an excellent job. I even have passed that one right down to my 12-year-old daughter (watch for tips for teaching your kids the way to take great pictures in next month’s post!). In 2010 I switched to Nikon and since then have added to my Nikon Camera selection.

What is an honest first DSLR camera for me?

The Nikon D3200 offers everything you’d want during a camera. you’ve got several different modes to shoot in, it’s inbuilt crop up flash, and you’ll take video. Don’t let the dimensions of this camera scare you! Once you’ve got this beautiful camera in your hand you’ll fall crazy together with your images and with the art of photography. As you begin to shoot more together with your DSLR camera you’ll add some fun gadgets to your camera bag. you’ll change your lens to many different ones which will change what you’re capturing. As a mom, my favorite one to take a position in was a Nikon telephoto lens. I can sit at the beach and watch my kids surf and capture everything they were doing out on the waves.

Tips for purchasing a DSLR Camera from Marisela Photography

You can do such a lot than you ever could with some extent and shoot, and it’s an excellent size to require with you to amusement parks, plays, and sporting events. The D3200 travels easily and therefore the body of the camera is extremely durable. This beautiful piece of kit is one that you simply will enjoy taking pictures and videos with for years to come!

If you’ve got any questions, please be happy to go away with them within the comments and that I will answer them with a comment or in my next post!

Wow, these are some great tips, especially if you’re just starting out together with your first DSLR – I do know that once I first shopped for one it had been so overwhelming! Thanks such a lot Chela!

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