Entertaining Things to do with kids

The notion of an unexpected, weeks-long isolation period at home with bored kids will send chills down the spine of many parents. But, in reality, as soon as the schools around Indy started closing, I got panicked group texts from several of my mom’s friends. “What are we going to do all day in case we cannot leave the house?” was a common question.

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1. Get stuck into some Easter crafts
Easter 2021 is also almost here! Truth be told, the time for buying making Easter and eggs online cards is nearby once again. So whether you are having a virtual Easter lunch or perhaps wanting to create some homemade Easter cards and presents, there are many seasonal activities to get going with.

The very best Easter crafts for kids are actually several of the most and easiest of them incorporated into some other Easter activities and games, so their efforts will not go to waste. We have got all you have to understand, from how you can have an Easter egg hunt at home to probably the best Easter cake and Easter dessert ideas.

2. Go for a bike ride
Even under the exercise rules for lockdown, going for a long bike ride is actually on the table. So why not switch out that walk for a bike ride?

Both adult’s and kids’ bikes can be bought for great prices on sites such as eBay and GumTree, but be sure to check out they are selling in your local area. The guidance to’ stay local’ will remain in place, even as the rules start to lift under the government’s roadmap.

Then all you’ve to do is actually take your brand new ride to the park (for the small ones) or even the open road (for older kids).

3. Take a virtual museum tour
While we are still in lockdown, all the museums and galleries are actually closed. But in case you used to go out exploring your local museums, then do not worry – there are actually plenty online to look at. In addition, all the exciting virtual tours of kids on our list are actually free to access and offer walk rounds of several of the most famous museums on the planet.

They include Buckingham Palace, The Tower, Edinburgh Castle of London, and those in the USA and Europe.

4. Join in with a Joe Wicks workout
That is right; Joe Wicks is back for 2021!

For anybody wanting to keep their exercise indoors, the nation’s P.E teacher (as he was dubbed last year) has gone back to doing his daily exercise sessions. Perfect for kids and adults, Joe goes live on Youtube each day at the moment, and together, thousands of individuals work through a HIIT workout.

So discover where to watch Joe Wicks workouts and get stuck in with the kids this week.

5. Play a game on Zoom
Zoom became kids’ best friends through the pandemic as they’d to take all their socializing online. So it just makes sense that Zoom games for kids have been invented!

There are many great games to play on Zoom with the kids, so they can really see and chat with close friends of theirs. But it is also a good way for grandparents to spend time with a grandchild over the next month or perhaps so if they are not in the support bubble.

Ages: 7+

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