5 Tips for Choosing the Best Electrical Contractor for Your Business

Whether you have to retrofit an area of the business of yours or perhaps remodel your entire building, choosing the right electrical contractor is actually among the most important decisions you make to determine the success of the project. Commercial electric work requires an electrician with experience and skill working on scale projects that are large at businesses such as yours.

Allow me to share five tips for selecting probably the best electrical contractor for the business of yours.

#1? Gather Recommendations from the Network of yours
Work the network of yours to get very good recommendations from family, other business owners and friends. Specifically, ask about the scope of the projects of theirs and whether they were happy with the finished job. You are able to also consult with local hardware and electrical supply stores, which often have a brief list of professionals they recommend to the clients of theirs.


Remember you are not just hiring the business owner. Select a commercial electrical company conducts thorough background checks to ensure that you feel safe with the workers sent to the company of yours.

#2? Verify Insurance and Licensing
Going with the lowest bid on your project might save some money in the short term, but you need to make sure that the commercial electrician you choose has the appropriate licensing and insurance for the work you need completed. A licensed electrician by law must carry worker’s liability and compensation insurance for accidents and injuries that could happen at the company of yours. Hiring someone that only carries the minimum is actually opening yourself to risk, so never be afraid to ask a company for a copy of their insurance certificates. This’s extremely well-known and they must have this info readily available. Note that bonded electricians have insurance that covers you in case your electrician abandons the project and disappears.

#3? Assess Training and credentials
When you meet with each electrician, you must evaluate their capability and experience, based on the past work of theirs. You ought to also discover if each electrician has the proper license. Probably The highest license in Florida is actually the Unlimited Electrical Contractor license, which suggests the company is actually qualified to do anything electrical. You will find various other licenses for specialties as fire alarm, low voltage, etc. Aside from the company being state licensed, individual electricians can be licensed as either Journeyman or Master electrician by their local county. If they’re a card carrying electrician, they’ll at least have passed a simple test on code requirements.

Do not hesitate to ask the company what size jobs they usually do and what type of jobs they’ve managed in the past. You don’t wish to be a brand new company’s first big job or perhaps push a little company to the financial limits to do the work of yours. In case they ask for large down payments or perhaps want you to buy the materials, that’s a sign you have to look for someone with more financial stability.

#4? Check References and Reviews
References continue to mean a thing in an increasingly digital world. So, find out almost as you are able to about the type of jobs the commercial electrician has done. Next, ask for and call prior clients to evaluate the satisfaction of theirs with the work done. When you are able to, ask the electrical contractor to provide the contact info of current clients for the same work being done on the house of yours. Though it is time-consuming to do this for each company you evaluate, make sure to follow through on the top 3 to 5 picks.

It is reasonably simple to look each company up online and have a look at their reviews and site. Search for online portfolios, customer testimonials, and any other info which will help you decide which company to select. The web is a fantastic resource when you’re looking for info, but it is not always dependable. Since not all info on the web is actually accurate or factual, you should think about the word of mouth reputation as well.

#5? Check the Electrician’s Experience with Commercial Projects
When looking at your notes to make a final decision, remember that cost is just one factor governing the decision of yours. It’s just too risky to hire untrained electricians to complete electrical jobs in the company of yours. Select a company with a wide range of experience on commercial buildings to make sure probably the best benefits.

In the event that you’re still having a problem deciding, then reach out to the Better Business Bureau along with other local groups that evaluate products and services. The area building department is an excellent place to check up on a contractor. The electrical inspector is going to be in a position to tell you to have often the company pulls permits and what work type they usually do. If the electrical inspector has never heard of your electrical contractor? that might be a great sign to stay away from them. 

The Last Decision
Today, you know the way to find and select commercial electricians. You are finally ready to sign the contract to ensure that work could start. Observe how the electrician interacts with you and the staff members of yours. The demeanor of theirs should be respectful, knowledgeable, and courteous. Unless it is an emergency, take the time of yours to select a business that fits the commercial electrical needs.

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