4 Digital Marketing Techniques to Improve Lead Connection


Therefore, you need additional leads. Maybe your campaigns aren’t working, or perhaps the leads you’re getting aren’t very good.

You might not be surprised to learn that we have experienced the same circumstances as digital marketers. Fortunately, Soup Agency has learned some advice to assist you in increasing the number of qualified leads your digital marketing plan can produce. Digital Marketing Agency in London

1. Make your landing page better

We frequently hear from clients that their prospects are experiencing the same issues: after reaching the landing page, they immediately close the tab and don’t return. How come?

In all honesty, there are occasions when the pages that our advertising send leads to are simply not compelling enough to hold their interest. You must have the following on your landing page:

quickly loading
An attractive user interface
A clear CTA and a consistent voice across your material

If you are certain that you have addressed these potential issues, try putting some of these 5 hot refining tips into practice:

Make your content stand out with contrasting text and backdrops by using color theory.
For more impact, use emotive headlines.
Keep the page’s visual style consistent with similar-looking parts so that users may navigate the page without being confused by its aesthetics.
When they are pertinent to your business, display testimonials.
To make it simple for users to share your pages on their platforms, including social media network icons and content sharing functionality.

2. Discover Your Present Lead Types

We are aware that we also dislike leaving our comfort zones. To identify the issues with your present plan, however, having a discussion with your sales team is a crucial first step.

Sales teams can identify where there aren’t many ideal customers and where strong leads are coming from, and they typically receive positive feedback about the types of leads they are connecting with.

Investigate and keep track of these 4 lead types to make sure that your approach covers each one and to help you identify any potential issues.
1. A qualified lead for marketing (MQL)

a lead who has purposefully expressed interest in earlier marketing but hasn’t made contact with the company directly. For instance, submitting a contact form, putting anything to a cart, or downloading files.
2. A qualified lead for sales (SQL)

This lead, which is frequently misunderstood for a MQL because of its readiness to speak with the sales team directly and demonstrated interest, is exactly what you want to hear.
3. Lead that is Product Qualified (PQL)

This kind of lead is far more likely to be motivated to make a purchase because they have already interacted with your company and are aware of the value of what you have to offer.
4. Lead qualified for service (SQL)

SQLs are the direct outcome of an honest exchange between a consumer and a member of your customer care team, thus the more SQLs you receive, the better.
3. Utilize an electronic CRM system

Long-term, it is considerably more beneficial to use your limited ad budget to target excellent leads as opposed to a large number of unqualified prospects. It is a wise idea to build up a customer relationship management (CRM) system after meeting with sales.

All of your data is collected and presented in one location by a CRM platform. Making it considerably simpler for your staff to comprehend the details of what is currently happening with your firm by streamlining communications. With demographic information and customer metrics readily available, you can monitor campaigns and workflows to make sure your leads are being nurtured. Or even use staff alerts or personalized automated emails to follow up on various lead kinds.

It’s important to note that adopting a CRM system won’t affect your outcomes based on the size of your company. The easiest approach to collect and organize your customer data, regardless of whether you’re a major organization or a single freelancer, is to use CRM software.

HubSpot will be among the most widely used free CRM software solutions in 2022. You’ll be much more prepared to invest in high-quality leads with a packed dashboard and a selection of tools for blog optimization, campaign tracking, and email marketing!
4. Offer an Exchange of Value

You must reciprocate with something if you want to receive something from your customers. This is where the concept of a “value exchange” enters the picture: in order to persuade leads to give you their information, you must first offer something of value to them.

Many companies simply place a pop-up request for customer information on their landing page, but convincing potential leads to do this can be challenging. What you could do is offer them something of value, like a…

a discussion
a list of resources
Industry Advice
The eBook
Case studies

or something thing unique to your company. Customers are more likely to express interest or submit information for you to follow up on as a result.


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