Ways to Keep Pests Off from Marijuana Plants

Use Sterilized Soil And Fertilizer
The problem with unsterilized soil is that it can contain the eggs or maybe larvae of some common marijuana pests. If you grow your marijuana therein soil, you’ll be certain a rude surprise when those eggs hatch or those larvae start to get older. this is often particularly bad for indoor growers because there are not any natural predators inside your house.

Grow Companion Plants
Interspersing the marijuana garden with a couple of naturally repellent plants is certainly an honest thanks to keeping the predators away. Although the THC that marijuana produces acts as a natural repellent in its title, it’s often not strong enough to repel all plants (especially within the early stages of life).

Particularly pungent plants like geraniums and marigolds will keep many leaf-eating insects and worms cornered. you’ll even plant some onions to keep off bigger pests like deer or rabbits.

Here are some more companion plants your weed will love:

This garden favorite features a strong scent that’s perfect for keeping away thrips, beetles, aphids and flies. Some growers even claim that it can increase boring and flavor. no matter whether that claim is true, having some extra basil around isn’t a nasty idea.

Worried about a few nitrogen deficiencies? Planting beans could also be your remedy. When beans are growing, they absorb nitrogen from the air and deposit it as nitrites into the soil. Marijuana plants thrive on these nitrates. With beans around, they grow stronger and are actively shielded from a slow death thanks to nitrogen deficiency.

Garlic may be a popular companion because it protects against pests and molds. it’s a natural fungicide that protects marijuana plants from deadly diseases. If not planted next to your plants, it also can be utilized in spray form as a spot treatment.

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Marigolds are what many growers call a ‘beautiful distraction.’ When marijuana and marigolds are planted together, cannabis-loving animals choose the marigold. It’s so strong that you simply could create a virtual fence of protection by planting marigolds around your plants.

Mint may be a wonderful companion plant due to its odor. Many garden pests hate the smell of mint and avoid going near it. It also masks the smell of freshly blooming marijuana, keeping your grow area a touch more private. Use mint with caution, however. Once planted, it tends to possess a mind of its own and should overrun your garden; so, plant mint during a pot rather than within the ground.

Chili peppers are exquisite thanks to preventing large pests like deer, mice, and rabbits. The chili pepper plant also features a rootage that provides off a chemical that protects your cannabis plants from rot. These plants are especially useful in areas with poor drainage or excess rainfall.

Use Natural Predators
Of course, if you’re growing marijuana outdoors, you’ll make use of a couple of pest predators. Ladybugs are notoriously beneficial to possess around your outdoor marijuana plants because they like to feed on larvae and other potential pests. you’ll buy life ladybugs at this website for around $5 per 1000.

You should also encourage birds to nest within the area because they often wish to snack on some pernicious marijuana pests. Put out some birdhouses or a bird feeder to urge birds to return around. Just confirm that they stand back while the seeds are germinating because many birds do enjoy the taste of marijuana seeds.

Use Urine Of Pest’s Enemies
This might sound sort of a joke, but it actually works and it’s actually feasible. Many mammals like deer have a keen sense of smell and if they detect a touch of bear or puma urine, they’re going to want to remain as distant from your marijuana plants as possible.

Build A Fence
If bigger animals are a drag and therefore the scent of their enemies doesn’t deter them, then you would possibly get to try building a fence around your plants. Obviously, many marijuana growers don’t have this luxury and it’s really only something that folks growing on private land can do. Here’s a link with recommendations on the way to build your fence to guard your marijuana.

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