Everything You Need to Know before Visiting Santorini

Feathery trees sway in the wind; their trunks painted white. White and blue flags flutter about proudly as the sun beats down on the dusty pavement. Crisp white buildings with azure-colored dome roofs cling to the cliffs and appear to pile on top of each other, making the way to the end of the island.

It is none other than the striking Santorini. Despite it being a speck on the map, I keep coming back once again and again. This ultimate travel guide to Santorini is going to give you everything to see, eat, stay, do, and a lot more.

You will find a lot of beautiful islands in Greece. Of course, there are lots of white-washed towns across the world. But there is something about Santorini that beckons folks from all around the world to come to traverse its picturesque landscape.

Whether you are a fan of Mamma Mia and picture yourself frolicking (and singing) through the cobblestone streets, or perhaps want to soak up the sun with a backdrop of the caldera and whitewashed homes, there is nothing better compared to Santorini.

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Despite many people calling the island “Santorini,” that technically is not correct. Santorini is definitely the region’s title, while “Thira” is actually the real name of the island itself. Several islands, or perhaps this area, used to be a volcano. It exploded and created an area with several islands. The “caldera” is actually a volcanic feature that forms by the collapse of a volcano. Therefore, the region of Santorini is actually a circular shape and refers to the other small islands which make up the circle.

The population of the island of Santorini is actually 12,000, but each year four and half million tourists flood the island. To stay away from the crowds, it is best to go during the off-season, in case you can. November is a good time to go in case you want the entire island tourist-free. But May and late September are also good months to stay away from the crowds. Obviously, that cannot always be stayed away from, which is why I recommend lodging outside of the busy cities as Oia and Fira.

You will find 2 choices to get to Santorini – fly (typically from Athens) or perhaps take a ferry. I have done both. Today, most folks believe that a ferry is longer and cheaper. But that is not always the case. The fast ferry from Athens or perhaps a nearby island can take four and half hours (the slow ferry takes approximately eight hours) and is actually a fun adventure for some. Unfortunately, I get seasick, and I have gotten sick every time I have taken a ferry to or perhaps from Santorini.

There is a lot of accommodation in Santorini. Whether you would like an expensive cliffside villa, a laid-back hotel, or perhaps sunset views, the island is tiny. You really cannot go wrong.

Something to help keep in mind when selecting a hotel: the island is actually tiny. It takes approximately forty minutes to go from one side to the other. So for me, I’d rather have parking and cheaper accommodation. That is the reason I suggest my budget recommendation. In the event you do not think you will leave your hotel much, or perhaps you wish to stay in the touristy areas much more, then you may want to choose a mid-range or perhaps luxury hotel.

So, you’ve to ask yourself: would you rather stay near the beaches? Or perhaps have the popular views? Of course, you’ll be having to pay more for views, but it is your choice.

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