Convertible Narrow Car Seats for little Cars or Multiple Children within the Back Seat
My ally just had her third child, three under 4. All of them are in car seats and once they brought the youngest home, they weren’t sure how they were getting to fit an infant seat within the back with two convertible car seats. So I did my research to seek out her the simplest narrow seat configuration for 3.

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Types Of Narrow Car Seats
You need to understand before going forward and finding the seat which will suit your car and your lifestyle the precise kind that your child will need.

Infant Car Seats
Convertible Car Seats
3 – In – 1 Car Seats
Booster Car Seats
I’ll plow ahead and canopy each and each sort of seat so you’ll find the right one for your child and your vehicle. (because let’s face it – it’s cheaper to gt a narrow seat than it’s to urge a much bigger car)

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The Best Narrow Car Seats
We are taking the highest 3 from each of the kinds of narrow car seats and listing them for you here. you’ll find the extended reviews for more of our favorite and best narrow car seats below.

The Top 3 Narrow Car Seats
Infant Car Seats:
1. UPPABaby Mesa seat
2. Chicco KeyFit 30
3. Graco SnugRide
Convertible Narrow Car Seats
1. Clek Foonf Convertible
2. Diono Radian 3rXT
3. Combi Coccoro
Booster Car Seats:
1. Chicco KidFit 2 Booster
2. Maxi Cosi Booster Seat
3. Cosco Finale Booster
The Best Narrow Infant Car Seats
This list is in no particular order, we are just bringing you the simplest, safe, and narrow car seats for you to form final judgment on.

But if we did need to choose one to be the last word winner it might be.

Our Favorite Narrow seat On The List Is.

1. UPPABaby Mesa Narrow Infant seat
the uppababy mesa narrow infant seat is one among the simplest ca seats once you have multiple car seats that require to suit within the back seat
Let’s check out the specs for this tiny guy. The width of the UPPABaby Mesa is 17 inches with its base width.

Pros: Attaches to the VISTA and CRUZ strollers, the bottom is little and tall making it easier to suit booster and convertible car seats next thereto.

Cons: This infant seat will set you back a few hundred bucks

What WE Love About It: the primary seat to pass all the tests in safety without having harsh fire retardant chemicals.

2. Chicco Key Fit 30 Infant seat
the Chicco key fit 30 infant seat is narrow enough to suit multiple car seats within the back seat of your car
The Chicco Key Fit 30 infant seat features a base width of 17 inches and its top feature that oldsters love is that the inbuilt levels which will be adjusted to recline baby.

Pros: Can hold max weight for 30 pounds, adjustable 5 point harness, removable newborn headrest cushion

Cons: Usually used for the primary six months, then baby gets too tall for the seat making you’ve got to get another rear-facing seat

What WE Love About It: once you click into the bottom and unclick it to place into the stroller it makes almost no noise, making it a simple transition for your sleeping infant.

3. Graco SnugRide SnugLock 30 Infant seat

The Graco SnugRide narrow infant seat is one among the simplest because it’s base width is 16.5 inches. That half-inch really makes a difference once you got to install multiple car seats within the back seat.

Pros: One step adjustment base, easy click on and off, and really lightweight without sacrificing safety.

Cons: The baby head cushion for newborns make some baby’s very sweaty.

What WE Love About It: Rated 4.5 Stars from most parents, and therefore the better part is it’s compatible with almost every Graco stroller.

4. Safety 1st OnBoard 35 Infant seat
the best narrow car seats for infants
With only 19 inches as it’s width base the security 1st OnBoard narrow infant seat maybe a little larger than the others but it does have smaller base widths than most leading car seats.

Pros: 5 features of safety, can accommodate a four-pound newborn up to a 35-pound rear view facing toddler.

Cons: Parents have complained about the small canopy not staying in situ once they move it over the baby.

What We Love About It: It can fit and latch onto multiple strollers not just the security 1st brand but also Eddie Bauer and Cosco strollers. Making it one which will be used over and over.

5. Cybex Aton 2 Child seat
Cybex Anton 2 is one among the simplest narrow car seats for little spaced cars or multiple car seats that enter the rear.
This child seat is basically amazing, not only is it different due to the recline position is allows your newborn to be in. it’s also ultra-lightweight. It’s narrow with only 17 inches to spend in your car because of the bottom.

Pros: As safe without the bottom like the bottom. The Linear Side-impact Protection absorbs the energy just in case of a side-impact and it’s lightweight carrier.

Cons: you’ll need certain adapters to use this seat with other strollers.

What We Love About It: The super lightweight makes this easy for folks to hold with newborns in the toe.

Top Narrow Convertible Car Seats
1. Cleck Foonf Convertible Narrow seat
need a seat that’s perfect for your toddler use this cleck front convertible narrow seat with the little base it’ll help fit more car seats in your back seat if you’ve got multiple children or a little car.
The Cleck Foonf (yes it’s a funny name) but you won’t tease the tiny width of this seat with only 16.9 inches. it’s also ‘built sort of a tank’ with a sub-metal frame.

Pros: are often used for toddlers and pre-k kids up to 50 pounds. it’s revolutionized top of the road tech to form any accident safer for the kid riding forward-facing.

Cons: It’s pretty expensive but we expect so damn worthwhile and it’s a touch difficult to put in within the car.

What We Love About It: Once the seat is installed it’s certainly good and you recognize that it’s very safe.

2. Diono Radian 3RXT Convertible Car Seats
Do you need a convertible seat that’s sufficiently small to suit other seat within the back seat? does one have 3 kids with car seats within the back? The Diono Radian 3rxt is that the best narrow convertible car seat for folks
For being a convertible seat the Diono Radian 3RXT is saving space by having a 17-inch base that will fit kids up to five pounds once they are rear-facing.

Pros: It is often rear-facing until your child reaches 45 pounds then you’ll use the booster part up to 120 pounds! You literally never need to buy another seat.

Cons: we’ve no cons for this one. it’s our favorite on this list (shh don’t tell the others) But it’s within the 300 dollar range. If you see this below that GRAB IT. (see the present price here)

What We Love About It: It’s the primary seat with a ten-year plan that it’ll grow together with your child from rear-facing to being during a booster!

3. Combi Coccoro Streamlined Light Weight
the combi coccoro streamlined lightweight seat is narrow enough to assist you to fit 3 within the back seat of your car

With the littlest base around at just 15.5 inches, the Combi Coccoro lightweight convertible seat is that the narrowest one on our list thus far.

Pros: Perfect for rear-facing, and grows together with your child.

Cons: The width of the seat expands as you go up to 25 inches in breadth.

What We Love About It: The Coccoro Convertible seat was designed with small spaces in mind. At 15.5 inches in breadth, the Socorro easily installs in tighter spaces and smaller cars. This creates a neater installation, allows for “Three Across Installation” and also easier portability.

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